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Johnny's Entertainment humor

My retarded Code Blue and Zettai Kareshi rants

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kusano and awesome jpg action!!

Here you will find some humorous dedications to your favorite Johnny's. NO FLAMING. Those comments will be deleted. However if we find a post particularly malicious and not fun in nature it will be the mods discretion to delete that post. All this business aside please have fun and enjoy!

My retarded Code Blue and Zettai Kareshi rants

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Why isn't this comm seeing enough action? But, but--J-Ent is a freickin' Petri dish of funnyness!!!

(Boy am I glad I found you guys...)

And since we're on the topic of Code Blue, I just wanted to share my own thoughts on that deliiiightful, chaaaaarrrrrming medical drama:

...and I thought I'd slip in my Zettai Kareshi rant, as well:

Enjoy T____T

Ender's Girl
  • i know i've been a lazy co-mod XD but it's totally awesome that someone else made a post :D and it's funny to boot!

    also me and susan(ayamachi) totally intend on being a better mods from now on XD

    I agree that the plot was sub par and repetitive, also it's true yamapi's character lacked any real emotion... i also find that 95% of yamapi's acting has lacked any real emotion XD nobuta wo produce being the exception... in which the emotion was crazy... i enjoy over acting much more than not enough.
    • Well, more powah to ya! *flashes Nobuta V-sign* XD

      I preferred YamaPi when he was this spazzy little weirdo playing spazzy little weirdo roles. But when J-Ent started re-packaging him as The Second Coming of KimuTaku, that's when it all fell apart for me. He doesn't have the chops to be Kimura, sorry. (G'lord, if Code Blue gave me a lobotomy, Kurosagi the Movie completely vaporized my brain, lol.)

      And YES YES YESSSSSS, Nobuta wo Produce is his BEST work by a bajillion light years. YamaPi can live to be a million, and NwP will stand out as The Best Drama He Ever Made. Not because YamaPi's other stuff is middling to bad, but because NwP is an outstanding drama, period. Loved everything about it. Still do. =)
      • yeah i think they really would like him to be the next kimura.. but i don't know if he'll ever get to a level near that.
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