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Johnny's Entertainment humor


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kusano and awesome jpg action!!

Here you will find some humorous dedications to your favorite Johnny's. NO FLAMING. Those comments will be deleted. However if we find a post particularly malicious and not fun in nature it will be the mods discretion to delete that post. All this business aside please have fun and enjoy!


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The original intent for this community was to have a place where Nichan and I could share our JE comics, co-mod Nichan being the writer and myself the illustrator. After a year I finally get around to posting one. As far as I'm concerned, that's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Note: The coloring is half-assed. It's also over one year old.

More will come.. oh yes.. more will come.
  • HAHAHA... it looks so random and hard gay appears XD

    haha.. can't wait to read more of this!! XD
  • aww you're illustrations are the best Susie-kun... oh this makes me want to come up with more random stories ne! i should probably work more on editing the text in the one other comic so it's readable
  • OMFG!!
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