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The Reasons Jimmy Mackey Left Johnny's

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The Reasons Jimmy Mackey Left Johnny's

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Who doesn't love the Mackey? If you are a cool you definitely know that Jimmy Mackey is awesome and should be missed

I truly miss watching Shounen Clubs with Jimmy Mackey. He was truly rocking out with his cock out in those tight ass pants. Sadly those days our gone. However my colleague and I have spent countless hours minutes coming up with these awesome reasons

1) Jimmy Mackey is an international super spy

2) Jimmy Mackey had reoccuring trouser malfunctions at the filmings of Shounen Club. He was expelled after Johnny's realized it was intentional.

3) Nose Candy

4) Prostitution. Sucky sucky ten dorrah! Me rove you rong time!

5) Engrish

6) Jimmy Mackey got inducted into the Justice League

7) Following in the footsteps of Lance Bass. Jimmy Mackey wants to be an asstronaut

8) Jimmy Mackey joined the crips cause he has an affinity for the color blue and simply hates red.

9) Jimmy Mackey was sold to a sweat shop in Malaysia

10) Jimmy Mackey's bulge had exceeded the maximum allowable bulge size in Johnny's

11) He wants to work at Chippendales


and feel free to include what you "know" about Jimmy Mackey's leaving
  • Personally I believe the reoccuring trouser malfunctions. I mean those shiny pants hid nothing, he was sticking it out there for the world to see.
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