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Help save Human Giant!

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kusano and awesome jpg action!!

Here you will find some humorous dedications to your favorite Johnny's. NO FLAMING. Those comments will be deleted. However if we find a post particularly malicious and not fun in nature it will be the mods discretion to delete that post. All this business aside please have fun and enjoy!

Help save Human Giant!

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Yes yes yes, this isn't related to JE, but since this is my [sad sad] community and its been pretty sparse as of late..

Human Giant is one of my favorite shows and they need 1 million unique hits at their mtv site to have a season 2. Just click it once and we're good. They have 500,000 and some hits now, but i don't think they're going to make it, so please please please, click it once and you'll have my undying gratitude. <3


There is a marathon of it on mtv today and tomorrow. I love these guys, they are hilarious, and i don't want to see them end.
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